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Groove - $0.00

Groove is a dance-based fitness class & utterly delicious dance experience! This super fun class develops functional strength, increases your cardiovascular endurance, improves your flexibility, balance and coordination and reduces stress – all while having an AMAZING time! Music IS the foundation of Groove, exploring different styles of music: urban, hip hop, contemporary, house, Arabic, African, Latin, classic and many more! Marrying the music with the movement, we encourage unique self-expression, tuning into the music and the body without the need to copy or follow the teacher. We UNITE in a single incredibly SIMPLE move or rhythm but you get to dance it in your own UNIQUE way, using the space in interesting creative ways, engaging all parts of the body including getting into the essence even with our facial expression! GROOVIN’ makes you sweat and smile – see you on the dance floor! Everyone is welcome - all shapes, sizes, ages, demographics and abilities.

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